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12 अगस्त 2020

... because i'm a lawyer

 I am a lawyer
I am a double graduate.
I am a lawyer, I am called Officer of the Court but i dont get good treatment.
I am a lawyer who advocates for the all types of clients whether he is a murderer or a fraud.
I am a lawyer, My task is very risky, if one client wins, the other become enemy, if other wins first becomes enemy.
Even then I would neither get any protection nor any safety.
I am a lawyer, I am a member of the largest union but I do not get any insurance nor any support.
I am a lawyer, i fight for the house of the clients but I do not get any house on rent nor any accommodation from the union.
I am a lawyer, There are many rules and laws for the protection of those whom I advocate, but there is no law for my protection.
I am a lawyer, I am not given any loan by the banks.
I am a lawyer, I always think of others but nobody thinks of me.
I am a lawyer, God has given me the opportunity to protect the victims, innocents and the weak.
I am a lawyer and I am conscious of my work, thats why the court functions continuously with the parties.
I am a lawyer, People have problem in paying me the fees, whereas i work for everyone's problems.
I am a lawyer, I serve to the common people but still i have to go through many abusive words in exchange for services and tough situations.
Whether any one understands my pain or not, I understand the pain of everyone.
..... because i'm a lawyer

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